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Taimere´s Allspice S15656/2007
Hips: B/B ♦ Eyes clear 20121203
( CH Taimere´s Paprika - Taimere´s Triona )
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Taimere´s Destiny S65055/ 2005
Hips: B/B ♦ Eyes clear 20061214
(CH Menstonia Milton of Haslemont - CH Taimere´s Timeless )
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Reedbank Mazurka S61774/2007
Hips: A/B ♦ Eyes clear 20080424

( Taimere´s Destiny - SU(U)CH Reedbank Queen of Blues)
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Paduch´s Ancestors Pride S14033/2009
( Taimere´s Allspice - CH Inma´s Hope for the Future)
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Wild Card des Vauriennes SE20590/2013
(SHCH Glenbrows Picture This - Int CH Wilde Ride des Vauriennes)
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